The Junk Drawer

of Shawn's Mind

(clicking on images tends to make 'em larger) The Junk Drawer of Shawn's Mind
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Apple, tree: Charlotte & Serge Gainsbourg (via MansersShaw)

Huge in Germany (via IfCharlieParkerWasAGunslinger)


"I met ‘em at the Cafe Bizarre…" 

Lads: Jerry & Johnny

Siamo i mods (via Shorpy)

American son (via ShyOfTheMoon)

Emperor Woody I (via LanguageThatIUse)

Dedicated parking

In living color (via ChaplinForTheAges)

Lads: Maradona and his agent (via MaradonaPICS)

The Who really sell out (not Pete, though….) (via TheCarnabetianArmy)

Apples, trees: John & Caroline Kennedy (via KennedysObsession)

All in (via NickDrake)