The Junk Drawer

of Shawn's Mind

(clicking on images tends to make 'em larger) The Junk Drawer of Shawn's Mind
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The kid Spielberg (via NickDrake)

Bonnie Prince Charles (via Voxsartoria)

The kid Lennon (in the cap) (via BeatleDirt)

Proto-cine, circa 1880 (via DeLaImaginacion)

Frankie chows (via VegasLegends)

Who doesn’t, right? (via MSN0370)

Being geniuses together: Stephen Hawking (canes), Tariq Ali (moustache), Vanessa Redgrave (headband) (via The60sBazaar)

Here. No: here.  (via BeatlesRollingOver)

The kid Linklater

Moby (via GenericArt)

Come at me bro (via NickDrake)

My inner life (via PulpCovers)

Being geniuses together:  The Supremes (via VintageGal)

Hipster Lennon & McCartney (via BabeImGonnaLeaveU)