The Junk Drawer

of Shawn's Mind

(clicking on images tends to biggify 'em....) The Junk Drawer of Shawn's Mind
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The kid Spielberg (via NickDrake)

Being geniuses together:  Steven & Bruce (via IfCharlieParkerWasAGunslinger)

Lads: Spielberg and Dante (via LotteReinigerForever)

Lads: Federico & Steven (via JasSaucier)

Lads (via VeniceAir)

My inner life (via Weird5ience)

The kid Spielberg (via IfCharlieParkerWasAGunslinger)

Brothers from other planets (via NickDrake)

The kid Spielberg (via Nanmei)

(Source: jpgdoxc)

Lads: George and Steven (via AwesomePeopleHangingOutTogether)

Very afraid. (via EyeContact)

Lads: Steven Spielberg and Leonardo DiCaprio (via Wanderring)

(Source: clarebeauchamp)